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102° F. ; pulse, 130 ; respirations, 26. He passed a com-

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to 160. The action of the heart is strong and heaving, there is some

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Enema Olei Olivce (U. S.) is laxative and anthelmintic.

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illustrations, by J. £. Homans, A. M., 8vo, pp. 672, bound in black

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becomes generalized, but, whether local or general, the infection aris-

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intercurrent affections of other organs than the liver. In a case now

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self-destruction ! My wife, friends, and children observe my listlessness and

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Contraindications -Patients with thrombophlebitis, thromboembolic

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The remarks of Parrot are worthy of much consideration, and they bear

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Within the last two years we have been finding tubercle bacilli

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tain changes of color in parts of the skin giving rise to

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In the course of the investigation, several circumstances were brought to light

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ferior convolutions of the small intestines, and from its

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Baginsky, Director of the Kaiser and Kaiserin Fried-

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manner or speech, and his face was pale and wan. On rising from his chair, lie was

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temperature 103*^ F. Under the persistent use of Tincture of Cannabis Indica, com-

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of nephrectomy is related by H. Lindner (Miinch. med.

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tuberculosis in infants and children, in The Most Efficient Method of Drainage