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120 G. (4 oz. ) fresh apples, pears, plums, grapes, apricots, or
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sion in a young man, who never had another after being bled.
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arising from colitis, pulmonary oedema, inflammation of the serous mem-
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named, the occiput will advance first, if the resistance is sufficient
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sized, soft, moist, circular, elevated colony with smooth, shining, convex surface and
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ing subcutaneous nodules early cause necrosis and sloughing of
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half of the digitalis combination was directed to be given every
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of hemorrhagic diathesis and severe hemorrhage, recommend gelatin in-
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that it is quite inconsistent with Kueneke's views.
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mations are reduced by the same means. The benefit thus gained
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While working on the eye secretions I isolated from several cases a diphtheroid
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made in each of his own cases, but in each of them the search had
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tinctly inferior results. In every quarter its effluent was less stable
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be excluded from the diet. In all these cases, however, the nephritis itself
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the lectures he gave on the subject he found it utterly impossible
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lactose, dulcite, saccharose, and raffinose. Forms no gas with
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It being an instruction from the General Medical Council, at its last session,
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If it is impossible to make a quantitative determination of the chlorine
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were only made use of in the open air for cooking and other pur-
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and growth of a cholera germ, or ' cholera zymes,' as Dr W. Farr
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secure aHve, and consequently the evidence presented here of their
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The author has seen good results from the use of tuberculin. It
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speaks more favourably of the operation by suction than we are
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good fishing and some hunting add considerable attraction.
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of the abdominal tourniquet for compressing the aorta." Mr
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Case III. — Admitted to Ward X., 24th March 1870, in a state of
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they had made upon a head which was delivered to them five
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secretion of saliva and mucus induced. The mouth should be rinsed
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of pregnant women in whom no such symptoms were to be noticed :
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among medical men, by a reference to the trifling results arrived at
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cupping. The application of leeches (4—5) is better than cupping, and
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left lower articular facet of the fourth, forced off the left upper
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otherwise be distributed to different parts of the body, to be put at the
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On Food: Its Varieties^ Chemical Coinprsitio7i, Nutritive Value,
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constipation, presupposes a good stomach, strong digestion, and a good
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and the chief practical lesson to be derived from such a case is the
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nfirmary, with a view to greater facilities being given than at
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similar results. In view of the wide difference, biologically, in the
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by means of the splint, rod, and plaster-of-Paris apparatus.