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ordinary infectious nasal catarrh (coryza) causes otitis media. The
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were described by Wernicke,^ Busse,^ and Gilchrist and Stokes.^ Good
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same kind of epithelium and present analogous structures.
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He then became melancholic, and had delusions, fancying that he was
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over-distension of the ventricles, by the pressure of blood from an aneurism
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the intratracheal insufflation. The latter method is superior,
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vated. The motions should be persisted in for months, for any intermission
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to an attack, and do not suffer as severely as newcomers. It
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A year or so ago I saw a physician of Chicago who had suffered
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respects. The following is, perhaps, a fairer example of the
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Wellington, New Zealand; Gideon J. Joubert, M.B., Ch.B.Edin.,
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not once, but repeatedly, in the commencement of the disease. Almost
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tenderness. It is by no means easy in all cases to make