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They appropriate to their own digestive organs the bacilli that would

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etiology of many of the acute infectious diseases that the

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the mamma next the sternum ; that, besides the breast,

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principally of a robust constitution and plethoric habit ; hence it

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were suffering greater defeats from pestilence than from

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long lite of labor and scientific activity, succumbed

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ures," by Dr. A. V. L. Brokaw, of St. Louis, Mo. ; "LeucocythaMiiic

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that he had no hope of cure, as the moft eminent pra6titioners

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adventitial cells. Of these the lymphocytes certainly form the greater

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Tulane University Medical College, New Orleans, La.

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in a practical point of view, however, as well perhaps as the difficulty of

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their lives, never arrive at anything like certainty in judging by

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their contents are fibrinous and highly albuminous, thus showing clearly

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vice president, and Dr. Robert L. Parker, Rochester,

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mental depression, his headaches, his lack of interest and ambition.

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flexures of the axillae and around the navel. It may be said to present a

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vice-president. The group elected Dr. E. C. Schmidt f

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ziehiingeii des Silioi ;;an.s v.n allgeiiieiiieii Eikraiil<niigeii

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conditions have, from time to time, been described that were supposed

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bulging in the chest was softening, and a pulsating beat

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equally successful in their endeavours. The present system