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this part of his career one to which he loved to recur.
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laboratory. Utilizing a semiautomatic instrument built to our design by BEIB,
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patient is being carried. It is necessary, of course, to pad such a
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heredity of phthisis. It is generally asserted that from thirty to forty per
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At the autopsy the uterine wound was found to be gaping widely, but no hem-
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marked irritability, suspicion, confusion, and even halluci-
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ments to control the results of others, and in his hands the results were
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bodies and is, therefore polyvalent. Used In tbe early stages oi pneumonia
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Prevention and treatment — ^The diet should be immediately
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His death has made his example doubly valuable ; the memory of his excellent
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sponges, brandy, carb. of ammonia, &c., &c.
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The general trend of more recent investigations on the subject of
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promises such a measure of success as that invented by Siemens,
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revealed to the eyes of the observer. A plasma-islet, hitherto
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presence of optic neuritis. The sight in the eye was still good (20-50) ,
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Par., 1889, ix, 933-959. — Brezosa (P.) De las neuralgia.s
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M.D. Lond. — The author of this paper believes, in common
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3 cases ; intrauterine douche, 9 cases ; vaginal douche, 1 case ;
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coal. Hot water extracts the sulphuret, which crystallizes from
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liter): potassium-containing medications I such as parenteral penicillin G potassium), and salt
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CaseX. — Joseph D , thirty-six years of age, white,
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ever occur, the children would scarcely breathe at first, they
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Charles H. Irwin of Mansfield, Presbyterian missionary, is
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pressure upon nerves beyond their central connections, have the distinctive
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