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much ; the chest collapsed a good deal, but in a few

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injurious. Moderate dosage of them relieved symptoms.

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month, and are really only safe after four months' drying.

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ing it from pytemia, rheumatoid arthritis, acute general gout, urethral

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other fact which induced him to investigate particularly the action of the

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and slightly shrunken, but still able to perform its work. The follow-

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We realize, because of the tremendous demand upon your

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with the two hundred and thirty-grain steel- jacketed

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with material obtained from the diseased spleen, and thus

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A strong decoction, given warm and freely, is very beneficial

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contain the necessary incentive to assure its completei

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hitherto supposed to be. The greater number of recoveries were probably

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was frequently full of stagnant, offensive water, and in one case

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the law. The proponents of the present measure sug-

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grave yard where those who died with the plague were buried, on the

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This volume is of particular value when one considers the great

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fourth day after the operation, when she died; the temperature

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most successfully used during tlie pains. If the forceps

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tortuous sinus, and is constantly bathed by an irritating

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the UMC to determine approximate health care costs of these

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gical importance. Thus students of medicine who make dissec-

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7. Automatic Drainage of Normal Cavities. William Jep-

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lages for observation, treatment, and isolation, it would do much to

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plant. It is allowed to percolate for a week or ten days, so as to