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method of cold bathing. There seems, however, in the points made,
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it has stood quietly for several hours, cream should rise natu-
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slants sufficiently to carry water into a pipe leading to the sewer, a
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Now let us take up alcohol and its effect on the gouty.
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Thompson gives the most digestible fruits as grapes, or-
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currence. The duties should invo'lve the taking of evidence after
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Guinon's views with regard to variola may appropriately be quoted
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the use of faradism after the method of Vigoroux and Charcot, has
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leading from the main, is opened for the purpose of filling the cylinders ;
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to avoid chilling, and it must be borne in mind that gentle friction is
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these two baths was not, as will be seen above, made under the same
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condition may deepen into stupor or even actual coma. The reflexes are
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A few days after I received the seeds Dr. Harris died, and all
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rates, and taught by the most eminent and judicious men who have
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Most physicians are now in possession of the knowledge that
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may seem, has demonstrated its value clinically. Scholz, of Bremen,
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lightly but securely near the teeth, the mouth being held open. Having,
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f " Ueber den commissar isehen Entwurf zur Revision der deutschen medi-
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pacity is so gradually raised by this method that all shock is avoided.
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occurs in old subjects, and both inspiration and expiration are brief,
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pulmonary collapse, pulmonary congestion and edema, and broncho-
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macaroni and such products, it is time for us to know it and
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unpleasant factor. In soup with milk it may be used every
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off the stings so they will not be held by the little saw-like
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Enlargement of the prostate may impede, but will not prohibit pass-
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ployed for this symptom alone I prefer to apply it in the form of stupes
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the parlance of trade they are called " Pines." It takes its
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to which is added hematuria, or more often hemoglobinuria. The par-
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as is usual in typhoid fever, the nutriment is almost completely taken
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this type. It is difficult to persuade them to go into it ; but patience
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of the wet pack, of which it really is a modification. All that has
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tlu- innttfi' with his nose. 'J'iu- ┬╗iirgeini felt his pulse, aiul said,
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the pigment is seen to be most abundant in the splenic pulp and within
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for a time done injury to true scientific investigation and
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and the temperature-curve bear a strong resemblance to the remittent or
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solution. If high temperature were the chief lethal factor in infectious
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illed lives. The Rontgen rays are coming more and more
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