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muscles, and their insufficiency. Aich. Ophth., N. Y., 1887,

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most nearly to the aggregate features of symptoms and conditions in the

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When contractility is good, faradism may be used.— Ae?y York Med. Journ.,

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any information. He had been seen by Dr. Maynau on the night of January 5, when

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rays and carry them down the telescopic tube. At the

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tion, so I cannot see that it is entirely free from danger of

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drugs, but relied chiefly upon the application of thin

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form," which is simply r-formaldehyde added to iodoform. Dr-

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as distinguished from innocent and reputable insane persons who

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sonal acquaintance. David F. Wright, of Shelby Medical Col-

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by an abscess, induced by excessive exercise in a matched game of Ball

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As regards treatment, then, cases of cancer of the uterus

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aneurismal swelling perceptible, and its site was en-

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(upon the biceps), and the ulnar appears very small.

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illustrious editor states, the alliances between the eye and the rest of the

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usual state of Amristar, which has 150,000 inhabitants. I will send you

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Falls, Wis.; well established, same location for 17

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for the discrepancies noted in our three series. In view of our results

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and applying ^e crucible of rigid analysis to every new fact and

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the foetus. For example, when delivery occurs prematurely

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Cocaine anesthesia for enucleation of the eye. Ann.

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fully and honestly and fully explored this field. The physiological and

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In opposition to this tendency Arneth sharply differentiates cells with one nucleus

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Treatment. — There can be no doubt that it is of the first importance to

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On the other hand, they are most likely to occur in persons who eat or