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I desire to impress this fact, that whooping-cough is a self-limiting dis-

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the same individual ; also scarlet fever and small-pox.

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in force ; it is never jerking in character. When the heart's action is

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irregular than in the acute or sub-acute variety. The respirations increase

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kind of malarial poison is necessary for its development has not as yet

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bodies. Especially is this true where the needle enters the palm of

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in closing wounds on the face. Silk suture is the most universally used.

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fever, delirium, etc.. the symptoms being produced by the absorption

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the territorj- from collateral channels ; his views more nearly correspond to Virchow's original theory.

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tissues to injury is quicker and greater than in old people, so that the

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results. This mass may break down and form pus, or it may undergo

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cutaneous adipose tissue, then the muscles, omentum, intestines, heart, and

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lation or whether it reaches the circulatory system through the con-

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but this seemed to have so weakened the system that it made him a

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short period of invasion, the eruption appearing first on the chest and neck,

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charging a fluid which spreads over the surface and causes various other

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prognosis in aneurism of the ascending arch is better tlian in any other

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the touch ; it crepitates but little when pressed between the thumb and

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cular contractions, should be applied, and the patient kept quiet in

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behind. The percussion note over the opposite lung is extra-resonant.

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old wounds or wounds in the ill-nourished, diabetic, or syphilitic cases,

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formation, the affected area is generally boggy and edematous and the

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pyramids of the kidneys of old people, or in connection with diseases of the

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fatal symptoms. Tenderness on pressure is generally marked along the

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nnchanged. At first the pulse is strong and forcible ; later it becomes

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reducing the temperature. It is claimed that when the temperature of a

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charges, and strangury, hemorrhoids, headache, nausea and restlessness

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ing greatly in size : and, on a wartn stage, they appear to develop into or give rise to organisms which

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surface is smooth, it adheres firmly to the vocal cords and the upper part

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the temperature rarely rises more than a degree or two above the normal.

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Symptoms. — There is lumbar pain, tenderness on pressure over the kid-

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licles, and that this interstitial stroma is very vascular. In acute tonsillitis