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diluted with water, three times a day, after meals.

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ensiform, increased by eating, by pressure, and by forced inspiration. About

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preparation is, so far, distributed only among a se-

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received at home, particularly at the hands of her father,

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relieved or cured, and many psychical symptoms were ameliorated, especially

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than convalescing. Examination of the blood showed a

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axes are horizontal and one vertical ; they all pass

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and the bactericide properties of the serum are al-

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tically alone in declaring that cattle did not transmit pul-

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measuring over 7 cm. in both directions ; but most of them were much

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had occasion to test this method of treatment in a case of acute pye-

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statements were at first discredited by Flemming and Strassburger.

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within the borderland of the unknowable, this feature of the theon'

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Arnaud for crystallized digitalin. This substance, designated as digitoxin,

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pathetic nervous system, causing hypenemia. According to modern

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1. A Psychic Epidemic among Physicians, By A. Hoche.

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careful suturing together of the remaining portion of the tendon union was

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De Laney, M. a.. Captain, Medical Corps. Granted two

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shows isolated bacteria, for the most part actively motile. A drop of

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varying degree in all acute bacterial infections, ex-

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eral inunctions and injections in the Charite. For years

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January .^ist. In statu quo. Still some bleeding from

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2. Haemorrhage from the Kidney. By Paul M. Pilcher.

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A>heville, N. C. Dr. John W. Abercrombie, president of

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â– overcome. Only those structures which interfered

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the leg in his third year ; one brother had 4 fractures from the age of

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than 1 per cent. , and is therefore less than that of a recurrence of the inflam-

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Married first thirteen years before, and a second time

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affect onlv a small area of the uterine cavity, and

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of the uterus at the point involved before or during la-

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lowing measles is most likely to be fatal, since it finds not only the throat,

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play practically no part in the etiology of perityphlitis." The very few

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view of Kolisch that the alloxuric bodies are increased in gout, and that the

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go. As to the abolition of prostitution, it is worthy

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latter believing that the damage first taking place

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Six plague-cases taken on the first day of the disease. Cure obtained