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Pristiq Vs Venlafaxine

perf dl ion *, with Thrums or Threads in the middle
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those which escaped ; many have, therefore attributed their escape to
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it undisgestion of me vittles, and have give me a good deal of pills.^'
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cough. When I was called to see him, he had been sick four or five
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the spleen may, during the paroxysms of an intermittent, particularly
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ject, because many late writers on diseases of the brain affect an accu-
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and sugar, if there be no tendency to diarrhoea ; but where this exists,
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suitable convex glasses. We have by no means finished our treat-
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Sam'l M. Griffin, M.D., Cold Spring, Putnam County, N. Y.
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my own which may be of interest, particularly because their relation
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restlessness, vomiting, and diarrhoea, he was observed to utter frequently
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detection in these situations would undoubtedly lead the morbid anato-
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by hedge iides, not only in Spain, but alfo in Por-
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had been attacked with symptoms of fever after exposure to contagion,
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great effoits of accommodation, and by converging the optic axes
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accompanied by a retardation or partial stagnation of the current ; on
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time, but the patient soon got well. This patient had previously
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Tumors prolapse with every stool and have to be replaced; they
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There are^ no doubt, cases in which the bandage is not required.
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requires days for a proper purification of it. These difficulties will
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already attained and proposed to examine some of the causes of this
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for the last year, this sensation had passed into a feeling of painful
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course. The centre showed in some places marks of ulceration, but
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by Henry Hartshorne, M.D. ; H. C. Lea, Philadelphia.
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flammation, and exasperated febrile action are the consequences. I
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As long as life lasts, no matter how fatal the symptoms may appear
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those in the upper jaw, nor could certain information be conveyed to
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knowledge of English literature, or German metaphysics, he could
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Morgan, Edward Jay, M.D., Ithaca, Tompkins County, N. Y.
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twice a week. In two months the patient had improved, and in
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purged in the commencement of the disease or not. I invite you to
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it f elf into many Branches , not much unlike to the
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does much differ from the former : It has a Root dif-
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Leaves like other hooded Flowers ■, the Cups of the
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general tone of the system less deranged, the sputa, although copious,
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the different parts of the eye, and the laws of their respective refractions,
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then drop it into the Eyes : It helps all Inflamations,
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7. The Homceopathic Medical College of Missouri. — The