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involving the gastro-intestinal mucous surfaces. When employed
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Iron. โ€” Small traces of iron are also always present in the
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ized by a slow, feeble pulse, or at least a pulse not appreciably
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body rest, as in pleurisy, when the invalid bends to the afflicted
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ness and aching in the hepatic region ; mental confusion and de-
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els. To some extent it allays pain, especially when the pain is
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ence. In menorrhagia, especially when the discharge is clotted,
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required; this, together with proper bathing, clothing, exercise,
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tion of the blood, feeble action of the heart and small pulse;
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"I have prescribed epilobium to quiet the irritation and check
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Dose. โ€” Tincture, 1 to 10 drops ; specific medicine, 1 to 10
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In addition to this we have to notice that there are peculiarities
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ity is of the same nature as ordanoxj post-mortem rigidity.
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ence. In menorrhagia, especially when the discharge is clotted,
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of oxygen in the blood as well as water. The electricity
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varied range of pathological states. In all fevers showing irrita-
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stomach, the liver, the spleen, the intestines, and so on downward