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Egypt To-day : the First to the Third Khedive. By W. Fraser Rae.
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Edinburgh; Mr. J. B. Sutton, Loudon; Mr. S. Snell, Sheffield ; Mr. J.
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Metschnikoff has made in order to control the facts lately
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in Poona till the conclusion of the (^amp of Instruction.
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tion of cells, along with alteration of their nuclei, so as to
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earnest in the performance of all his professional duties,
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W. Wilson-, Printer, ."ir, Skinner-Strtet, I.und.>n.
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alveolar haemorrhage.— Dr. Robert Abbenethy showed micro-
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introduced by M. Giraud). All communications should be
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Corrpspondents who wish notice to be taken of their communications
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of tlie pulse, first in quality and then in frequency. In the same case
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nephritis, in which some of the tubules were filled with a
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endeavors are being extended with voluntary agencies
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into Uie cavity, and especially those involving rather the
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On the morning of January ."rd she seemed brighter, but two
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There were 10 admissions to the Hope Hospital at Warrington during
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OflSce of the Journal, and not to his private house.
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descriptions of Eversbusch's operation for ptosis and Harlan's
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only 2.4 ; and the average yearly deatlis from small-pox per l,uoo,000