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were found to be diseased. The right toes showed signs occasionally of
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its frequency and importance. As already noted under the discussion of the
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iVoiii wliicli the liver lias licen removed iloes not ea\ise aiitithromliin to
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This fac-t has heen noiicc'd hy us ii i tioii with the hydrolysis of
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the osteoclasts are abundant. The result is faulty bone formation and the
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a less likely mode of infection — or by the blood stream as from any other
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the behavior of the artery witii the iiul.satinfr movement of a spriiii;
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tion to the central (diain of carhon iitmiis. This form of isomerism is
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short bones. Achondroplasia may begin at any time before birth. The
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covering. If bony exostoses are causing mechanical difficulty, surgical
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On close inspection it will be seen that the smaller and younger growths
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dwarf nas as yei been reported whose height was under 140 cm. Infantilism
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for some time. The siitrm'stioii seems theicl'ore not out of jilaec that uii
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l.nstalll,' mwr. It occurs in tw.. f..rms: (1) as a sb.wly a.lvaneing e.m-
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sat,sta,-..,ry ,|,an an.-ll.T. A ,ii,.t „f ,„,,„. ,„i|k, ,.._,j,, ,,„.| „,,;,,, ,„.,,.^^| ^^
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difficult. Examination of the writer's patients showed that cancer was