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something, nor without some positive indication for their use,
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ing into the splenic region. There were chill and fever.
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lungs (other than phthisis) have undergone no regular reduc-
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anterior portion of the superior vermiform process of the cerebellum,
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that microscopic' examination of the kidneys of fatal cases of
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the operation of a saline purgative, if the skin be hot and the pulse frequent,
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It is true that heart transplantation has attracted extra staff to
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vertebra prominens; laterally it extends from one stemomastoid to the other.
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Fi(i. 2.— Drawing of slide (medium power) of Dr. Deaver's case of sarcoma of the forearm.
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resented at the Chicago Columbian Exposition were after-
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by Eichstedt in 1846, and is one of the easiest of demonstration,
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corrlnea of long standing. Tlie act of walking is al-
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The Journal is altogether got up with great taste ; and is much better
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cordingly. I feel justified in stating that the function of
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St. Ann's, Westminster), Mr. Victor de Meric, and others.
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ment of both kidneys, or to the stoppage of one ureter and the reflex
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without, by impaction of the contents, by constriction or intus-
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tory and not neoplastic in character. Notwithstanding the fact that I
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Inherent Recuperative Power. Since it has inherent re-
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will, except he is rescued by the kind offices of that
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A dose of three millions of this strain killed 90 "/^ of uninoculated rats.
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lunatic asylums who were very prone to having biliary
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cremaster muscle which surrounds the i^ac of the hernia. We pidc
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practitioners in this province would not each be unwilling to have a portion of his $2.00 go
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described to that resulting only in the throwing off of small, dry scales
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tracheotomy was performed, but a sound passed to the
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judge, he was completely cured of locomotor ataxia, having no
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to return to their former occupations, 57 cases became stationary or
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of haemorrhagies into ^active and passive,' recognised by our
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from the speech of Hon. Thomas Erskine, who defended him, the essential
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those by which she strives to repair what has been injured, and to restore
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treatment, reaches the circulation by means of vapor