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to pass several hours of most days in a fairly warm and dry atmosphere

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arises : those wanted for general purposes are of two kinds, — one a flat

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fective in its character. Its object is to give, summarily, the success of

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because the peripheral cells require and take all the nutriment. For

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through all the stages of growth and natural decay, terminating in

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Constipation. — Constipation lasting only a few days, and not accom-

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but the process being exceedingly tedious and painful, it has not gained

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obtained access to a general source of infection, for instance the drinking

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This line, when examined with a lens, appears to be made by the insect

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they are so unstable during this period of life as to be certain to run into

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bacillus ; and after a half, one, and one and a half hours respectively,

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the patient from its onset, it appeared the less desirable to interfere

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cultures two years ; in sterilised garden soil twenty-one days ; on

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is characteristically associated with hypertrophy and the new growth-

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destroy them. If, on the other hand, in consequence of their great

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to occur. In cases which end in recovery, if there be any suppuration,

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and disuse ra,ther than to the primary trauma. But, as Dr. Burdon

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useful as a stimulating method of treatment in states of malnutrition or

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Tbis work is composed of two lectures, originally delivered to the

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In 6 cases the disease occurred within twenty-four hours after the injury.

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adhesion takes place in about an hour. This result, which would other-

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bidity, due to the rapid growth of the comma bacilli ; and the cholera-red

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hands (too often because she asks less remuneration than a fully-trained

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amount of hereditary disease of those liie-preserving organs, till we had

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plished with a pair of artery forceps. The patient being placiEfd so that

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Blind Institution. — Dr. Howe, the director of this institution, and a

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mention a few. Thus, the experimental evidence is unsatisfactory, since

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tion, whereby irritant substances are permitted to gain a lodgment upon

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an early symptom. It may last for several days, and end in recovery ;

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posing in the uterus, the cervix must be dilated as far as necessary,

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and the axillary lymphatic glands become affected. Very shortly the

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From small-pox the diagnosis is comparatively easy after the third or

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hear that typical bacilli have been discovered in cases which clinically

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Cutaneous haemorrhages, often extensive, are common in this form of

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that the variations in mode of growth of a particular species are so great,

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heat-stroke in the European army in India was, in 1891, 3-4 ; in 1892,

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that mildness of attack and speedy recovery are best insured by taking

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If any arguments be needed to justify those high aims of the patholo-

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ensued in a few cases. The pulse is quickened during the seizures, but

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head and front of the ear exhibited the structure of round-celled sar-

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(1) in their form, so that the cocci become more rounded and are asso-

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way. Again and again the distribution of such articles amongst relations

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Dr. Gillespie's Case of Fracture of the Maxillary Bone, the Review of

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Mr. Cull asked if there was any proof of pressure ?

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