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Dr. Ilalsted on the fifth day after tlie injury, three quarters
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Pittsburgh, where he was then sojourning, and had found him
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seemed to undergo a favorable modification, and for several
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escaped, while sooner or later the latter occurs, and
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take place 4 or 5 times daily, as a result of which the more solid
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referred to the term may be convenient to distinguish those dating from
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resulting from decay have been traced to cemeteries a very considera-
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formed in preparation for future conjugations (Fig. 8).
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condition is probably the pressure or quality of the blood. The vaso-
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the constant indifference of certain schools at home,
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often out of the question, and such wounds heal slowly
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mainly in the parents, appears to be the most })lausible source of
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death I think was due to systemic infection owing to primary infection
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Doses : H. 2-8. ; C. 5-15. ; D. 0.1-0.4. ; P. 0,3-0.8.
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any large measure, we do not believe. It is easy to frame rules
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alba from the umbilicus to the pubis, the patient being in the Tren-
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from half a grain to two grains of lime with four of liquor
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tion, and the desquamation have already received sufficient considera-
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1. Dameshek, W. : Some observations in polycythemia
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sants among whom he lived. He was soon found, however,
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stances a longer time is required. I have frequently seen bedsores three or four
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symptoms may or may not be unusually severe. In the third the
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sleep. How is it with us ? Some lingering doubt disturbs
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Hygienic measures form an important part of the treatment. If there be
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is continued but a brief period. Such defects are sometimes confined
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reached the hospital the following morning, owing to the second
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of medical and surgical practice on graduates in medicine and
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ting off the circulation (fig. 285) . A bandage is applied over the plas-
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good many cases ; and was a strong advocate of this
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sarcomata is so rare that the literature shows very few well-obser\'ed
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" The evidence which I have thus briefly sketched has induced, of late, most
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is the best known method of providing medical supplies