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Trophic Troubles. — Trophic and vasomotor troubles may appear at

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that it will find as much appreciation this year as the

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most exquisite irony of fate that tuberculin is of no use in

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Dr. Eloise A. Sears, now taking a course of obstetrics in Vienna, will return

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connexion of the subject in the mind. Your interest in it

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at rest, a stiff pitch-plaster ought to be applied to the whole

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malaria nor the differing views of Laveran and of the

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Treatment. — Removal of the larva is very simply effected by

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acid in the form of very long, colourless, finely-acicular crystals,

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second time the young beast has been e.tposed to contagion

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tact with the diseased tissues for a longer period. Moreover, it does not soil

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the adenoids removed by Mr. Zamora on February 21, 1920.

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volume of a one to one and a half per cent, solution

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cases seen by the writer was any abnormality noted in the region of

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seen only after long years of routine hospital work. To those unable

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advises Deetjen's agar, or normal salt solution as recommended

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and the growth becomes a firm, hard, cancerous mass, shrinking

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tion of the pain. It seems to be almost a matter of indiflbrencc Avhethcr

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whose vision was limited to fingers at one foot in the right and to ten

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appearance of the membrane. It did not show that the

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demanded a "clinical institute" for teaching and laboratory re-

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without any recollection of it. These apoplectiform attacks, occurring

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emy, that the child from whom the vaccine was taken was

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Al)Out ninety drops of calabar l)ean and two pints of

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of pus can be made out, an incision over the sac should

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that was smoked in classical antiquity for its pharmaceutical

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dreamer while time and opportunity are running riotously away. So

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Morphological examination in most cases shows no essential devia-