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cardiac fatigue, hypoadrenia, improper nerve control, or by febrile
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that the sanitation and policing were neglected in the volun-
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the dressings, accompanied by the constantly increasing symptoms
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practice with his comrades, of whom he was in command, he
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her urine under her. The heart beat quickly, and the pulse grew imperceptible. The
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tion of blood. In individual cases from nineteen to
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describes in detail some of the causes which, if allowed to operate unchecked,
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has been already figured in the ' Zoological Society's Transactions/
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to Mr. Harris it appeared all children's eruptions were
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position. The right ovary was the seat of a papuliferous cystoma the size of a
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sorts of people, but especially the nobility of three or
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9. Winternitz, R. : Arch. f. Dermat. u. Syph., 1908, xciii, 65; ibid., 1910, ci, 227.
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ored Plates and numerous other illustrations, pp. xiv + 493. Price $ 2.00 net.
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able grounds for using it. Had I been aware of Dr. Hamil-
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Again the dropsical ovary may be multilocular, composed of
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Saunby is no doubt the correct one. The gas probably
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gitis. The difficulty of distinguishing at times between cerebral abscess
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les alopecies ('"Ann. de derm, et de syph.," June, 1897) ; Note con-
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erties that make it a uric-acid solvent. Thus, if an adult, whose urine does
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ghuxds at 5 and 5 c, which send extensi<HU through the muscularis mucose; 6, larger alveoli with rolumnar ceUs
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duced by the fluid in the chest) gave an intense reaction for peptone.
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cult, on account of the depth of its seat. The enlarged bone,
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nated as of foreign origin, and the result presents a more favourable esti-
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(Grubler) in 20 c.c. of ninety-per-cent. alcohol, and then adding 950
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The internal fat of the abdomen of Ovis aries Linne
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upon the fever. The disease afterward recurred, and M. Dieulafoy
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within the eye. In treating the ophthalmias generally, we per-
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that is not occasionally, at the height or in the course of influenza,
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tenth of good intentions. Let us frankly acknowledge that we
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When lying on her back there is talipes equino- varus of both feet,
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either a clinical or postmortem diagnosis of tricuspid stenosis. In
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tive variety of dysmenorrhea, is practically useless in
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occurring between two visits of smallpox to that island, many old
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the striking and persistent relief which the bleeding gives to the pain."
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and the growth becomes a firm, hard, cancerous mass, shrinking