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(estimated as lactic acid). The milk remained confined and also exposed for
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volume of 752 pages, with 52 illustrations. Cloth $3.75 net. Lea
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to a cause which we know. In contrast with that there
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mucilaginous drinks, such as rice water, infusion of lintseed,
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anything whatever in the shape of nourishment or physic. Du-
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sponsibility of providing care to several children who had
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jejunal sections in relation to the spine. (5) Marked lumbar lordosis.
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pregnancy are numerous : violent exertions of strength, lifting
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made a speech, in which he uttered some timely words
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tion could only be noted when these acids reached a
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amination of the urine, it was ascertained that this
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arsenic. Ascarides, eye-strain, constipation, malaria, mental
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a history of enuresis, have, on cystoscopic examination, normal bladders.
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Case II. — John Burns, Englishman, carpenter, aged fift}'-
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cells. Just as the lesions of acute miliary tuberculosis vary in
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hemiplegia of the limbs. Furthermore, it is complete — that is to say, it
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due to the retardation of the circulation by the thrombosis of the blood-
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illustrations on wood. Philada. : Blanchard & Lea, 1854. pp. 234.
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and marked with stridor, the chief difficulty being defective
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is abundant, as when some large vessel, especially an artery, has been
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* Compare A.F.D. ** The form of the empty bladder and its connections
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English Edition. Inone handsome nf«ta.vo volumfi. of 784 pages, with 181 illustrations.
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mercury is the cause of this departure." — (Outline of Fever,
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member of our noble profession could as justly merit that tribute we
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the Emperor Valerian, and sacked the famous city of
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professional standard, and at the same time more readi-
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the patient took ordinary diet, thyreoiodin tablets caused glycosuria, but
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Pigmentations are by no means uncommon, and eczema and
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developing into a University, women were allowed to study law — at