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Definition. — Localized collections of pus in cavities formed by the
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enveloped the child and nourished it during the pe-
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surface, of the spreading growths ; . . . that there is, besides, a seasonal
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d. sc. m6d. de Lyon (1894), 18M5, xxxlv, pt. 2, 29.— Bryant.
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social psychopathies the morbid condition is more evanescent, it super-
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1. Barlow. Brit. Med. Jour. vol. ii. 1877. — 2. Beevor and Horsley. Proc. Roy.
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der the electric treatment the costiveness invarial>ly
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knowledge of surgical diagnosis and surgical technique and of anesthesia and
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64. Purslow, C. E.— A Case of Solid Fibroid Tumor of the Ovary. Lancet, London,
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for their cooperation and advice and my county medical
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Physical examination showed increased atony and the
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education of the deaf could be best carried on under a
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a friend with her to help her through the ordeal of the visit, a perfect contrast
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alies, illustrates knife dissection near the common duct.
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formed pelvis which he exhibited to the class, were imported
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restless, a subcutaneous injection of morphia (J gr.) was given, the
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Cholecystecloiny. — Extirpation is desirable in cer-
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tinal diplococci probably operate to produce catarrh, particularly fermentative
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volume comprises nerve-centres and conductors, that
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it is a little more rapid, and better where the animal is operated
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bloodvessels, with endarteritis, hyaline change, and calcification. These
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( H.) & Seiirarcz (M.) A typiius-kezeles diaetetikus
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cities at least, that large numbers of the emigrants, but
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tribution to the. By Robert Boyce. (Phil. Trans. B. 1897, Vol. 188).
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growing while retaining their microscopic characters ; or,
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portion of the proliferous disk, which adheres to it and constitutes
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Premium annual, for the best dissertations, account of 253
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seizures. When giving the nitrite of amyl, you pour
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alba from the umbilicus to the pubis, the patient being in the Tren-
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seek for air; or even inability to lie down, necessitating a sitting or even
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restoration of the perineeum than we should be inclined to do.
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Gynpc Soc. 1886, N. Y., 1887, xi, 152-196, Also, fieprint.—