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1. On the Use of Protargol in Place of Argentic Nitrate in
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(1896 b). — [Presence des cysticerques dans le chien?] <Rev. vet., Toulouse, fev.
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ing Board, in session at Philadelphia; Surgeon David
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John Annosley Brownrigg, M.D., of Streatham, son of the late Robert
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Vein, Acute Diffuse Peritonitis, 1884. Lead Poisoning, 1884.
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formed on March 10, 1892, five weeks after the injury. The
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two cases ( one M.; one F.), had retention; the cheeks became flushed, and
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follicles, and pathologists had taken that as a criterion
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Fort Boise or vicinity, and report to the chief Medical
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obstruction of the bronchial lumen is not an infrequent cause.
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diet, are responsible for the absence of rickets, the formation of beautiful
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