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bad use of the almost unlimited authority with which they

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always rendered worse by bloodletting and by mercury ; and it is

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the infant be studied in its peculiarities, he may be trained in habits

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organ or tissue otherwise retaining its usual structure and function.

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enough to account for what I saw. I had him put into a warm

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numberless receipts (as they are termed) from several gentlemen,

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those of simple cases ; and therefore it becomes a leading indication of

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more cases of nephritis, he reports 17 as permanently cured, that

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before the patient was admitted arthritis of the right wrist appeared. It

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Driise. Pest, med.-chir. Presse, Budapest, 1898, xxxiv,

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in certain cases of quite severe infection. Tables 3 and 4 include those

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and had, in all, had taken from her 6631 pints of fluid, or upwards

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a manner to be understood by readers. Many of the medical facts I

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political maxim, which teaches one nation ^ A bendberg sprang forth the asylum at

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J. Am. M. Ass-. Chicago, 1886, vii. 515. — ITIauclaIre (P.)

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constitution, rather also possessing an inclination for ardent

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severe ; there is practically no sickness, and there are no convulsions.

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etc. Third edition, 21 illustrations. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston's Son

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"A work of great practical interest — one well calculated to interest and

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calculi could not l)e considered rare, as in six cases out of

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referred to the Committee on Publication for publication in the Trans-

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days. His appetite is good, he is improving in flesh,

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cut by him for stone (all the recorded cases I can find up to the end of

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Studies of copper absorption and metabolism are being conducted using the

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structure in which it is seated. Inflammation of the serous membrane

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I was naturally much interested in the subject, and undertook to

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June IG, in a state of extreme prostration from loss of blood,

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tal malformations, this chapter will be devoted to certain definitions, dis-