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instance in which a tract degeneration was established with probability

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day, about the middle, by the flap method, was performed by Dr. Wal-

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practitioner are described in detail and fully illustrated.

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tribunals which guard the honour of the medical profession in

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Incision of the abscess was at once made in llie manner de-

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occasional feeds were retained. The constipation continued, hard small

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the genera] resull of M. Grisolle'a hospital practice, a mortality only one-

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had seen the suprapubic operation done several times, had per-

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while the convulsions are caused by circulatory changes in

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employed, to combine it with its opponent. And this author

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of Philadelphia was the first one to report six cases.

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organic mischief. A gentleman called one day at my house, and

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injection into the base of the nodules of a few drops of formalin

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originally compound, one died (thirty-three and one-third

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is it surprising that one who can deceive himself in the way we have supposed

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country the iodide of potassium is generally given largely in the second

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A MANUAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. A new American, from the third and

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This, you say, of course, combats our generally re-

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vitaUty to that of parts naturally appertaining to the

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abscesses formed here and there in it. On January i It is especially after the amputation of thigh-stumps,

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injection once a month or six weeks. The immunit}' in this

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and other portions of the genito-urinary tract and chronic

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Turck's columns. The arrows show the direction of the conduction, two

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to another attack. The cardinal symptoms of appendicitis are pain and tender-

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