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with acids : its salts are more soluble ; nor do we

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same lung. Henoch states this very clearly and gives some

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from the value of the instrument, as always endangering the tissues of the

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casionally resembles whooping cough, is mainly local. On examina-

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case of luxation forwards. The injury to the soft parts is often so

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make this activity externally apparent. A knowledge of this

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more rarely to the legs and feet. Commonly it involves all four extremities

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in all directions, opening at the surface by numerous vents.

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Messrs. Editors, — It is not my purpose to rehearse the many errors

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The Rome of modern times presents conditions of a very different cha-

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nearly every community has in vogue for the purpose

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Torino, 1887, xxxviii, 841 -847. Also: Gazz. med. di

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layers are greatly hypertrophied, and dip deeply down between the

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cancer is very prevalent, the parish of St. Luke's,

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Diagnosis. Chronic Bronchitis. — The dyspnoea, thoracic

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they may seem to be progressing to a favourable termination, but

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Dr. ]Morand(7;/) recommends the cauterization, l»y solid nitrate of

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membrane becomes red and swollen in consequence of h^-peremia and

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in the Council Chambers, (jlasgow. The forenoon proceedings

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fever, and the other was exposed in some way unknown

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however, the most minute inquiry fails to establish any other cause but

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Eczema — cholelithiasis, 590; of infants and intestinal

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for consumptives are just as applicable to joint tuberculosis

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low," and that this is responsible for cramping of the

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the mental distress being very great on account of the presence of the