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long-continued bleedings, but also in case of large loss of blood when

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plorable an affliction as insanity. The Commissioners close their

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pleted'. Dr. Burge returned to Brooklyn, where he pracitsol

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picious nodules in its interior. The mesenteric glands

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the fever she observed a swelling in the right loin. This swel-

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dark color. In proportion to the importance of the part

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smallpox were also ascertained; 7 of which were extremely severe, and

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fessor Todd and Mr. Bowman ; both known to you all as faithful

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apt to arise in old, much enfeebled, or intemperate j)ersons) of facial erysipelas

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placentae were expelled, accompanied with some hemorrhagic discharge.

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first resection of the larynx and of the stomach, and to him

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ered fi'om recurrent insanities during the menstrual life.

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by many writers to pressure upon the coeliac ganglion and its branches.

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leading to sloughing of the cornea. Physiologists have made this the

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tha patients can. if necessary, continue their usual avo-

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The Intestinal Infantilism of Herter. By Rowland Godfrey Free-

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to a time limit of two weeks, only six persons were

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nodules, about tlie size of an almond, was felt in the right upper quadrant.

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The pulse varies from 90 to 140, and towards the end becomes rapid and small.

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second sound was much accentuated. His method of study-

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2. Diffuse gangrene of the limg not imj&equently attacks an entire

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and all who have been guilty of violation of the law have