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skin being freed, is extended again over the glans : then it should be bathed

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sit up in bed ; this she was allowed to do with the

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eral nerve fibres, or both at once; but this, although

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his services can be spared. S. O. 176, C. S., A. G. O.

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pregnancies was only 12 months, so that either the calculus must not

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large number of very small round or elliptical ulcerations.

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bronchial tubes are attacked at once without any affection of the air-pas-

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Officer was not disapproved of (Qs. 25531-42) ; nor did the case lead to

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from birth, should be considered sufficiently grave to merit thorough

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acids was decreased slightly as compared with normal livers. The

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evidence, one would think, having been collected within

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lithotrite on two occasions, lateral lithotomy was per-

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sUch surfaces. Practically all other silver preparations yield sil-

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the cold stage of an ague. In our humble opinion, how-

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all the cause of it Exhaustion of the nervous S3rstem,

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alveolar abscesses, the gums inflamed and receding,

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respond to: Eric L. Gross, M.D., 26 Chestnut Ridge Lane,

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States. 4 ’ 6 In 1946, the comparative statistics rela-

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to have a metal bucket fitted to the ordinary open cylinder of the car

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of methylene, ether, amylene, and nitrous oxide. Alcohol,,

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extracts obtained by percolation of the crude drug with

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health, since they sometimes occur in a slight degree

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may at present be safely assumed that, while its sedative or contrastimulant

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vields more readily at some points than at others." Sir H. Thompson 1

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.among the higher duties to be assumed, there be included a

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plications, Operation, Recovery, Dr N. Stone Scott ; The Exhibition of

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professional man and the layman alike, it is discussed

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local ulceration, or a varicoae condition of the smaller vessels

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rupture of the capsule has been known to occur on account of the extravasation

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we think adds especial value to the observations. When treat-

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the superficial lymph-nodes, especially the inguinal, supraclavicular, and

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to control the sale of the drug, and particularly its distribution broadcast

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body remained high, in spite of the alkaline state of the urine,

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Patients die with advanced brain atrophy with little or no evidence

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viduals tubercle bacilli may sometimes be demonstrated in the nasal