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met with as early phenomena in tabes dorsalis. It is clear, therefore,

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nary pains which the majority of addicts will refer to the

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and separation of bowel loops. Note extraluminal gas

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manipulations are impossible should this persistently occur. Again,

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bacillus with consecutive septicemia. Cultures from the

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•:\'> [Hisu-rimlv, and the limb is put up (in .i 'I''s t.m-i'-'pliiit

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The main constituents of these waters are carbonate of soda and carbonic

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these is a reeling, staggering gait, like that of a drunken person, but

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blement, repeated catarrhal attacks, and other well-known

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tion, as the rise and fall of the diaphragm in respiration, the disten-

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and without much thought her hands were immersed in the

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Physical and Medical Climate and Meteorology of the West Coast of Africa.

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in vogue, owed much of whatever virtue it possessed to this prin-

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operation the spleen was found to be about three times its normal size, weigh-

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a small quantity of tooth powder should be placed upon the bnish.

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ergot suhcutaneously. Internally, the tincture of the chlorid of iron, gallic

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but was not enacted because of the state’s financial

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larger islands or peninsulas, such as the health resorts of the

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and second articulation, had disarticulated the first and second

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advanced cases as applied in sanatoria for the incipient ca^^^es. At

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Case V. — X , aged thirty-eight, with a history of

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very often protracted by the persistence of with every comfort. The error in diet is

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cord is a point of some interest. It has bem quite well

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the same may be said of galactidrosis, or milky sweat.

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not in the medical college itself. Hence, I am convinced that our

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is absent in some cases, by a peculiar rigidity of the muscular system, and by

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evacuations as soon as they are passed from the bowels, and

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