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found up to the times. Will it do to repeat the re-
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hookworm disease, Cochin-China diarrhea, and other infections will be
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borne out by Honigmann, in an independent series of
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kind. It is not yet clearly established how far the bodies of
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has been performed in 750 cases with a mortality of about 19 per cent, and
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the top of the nose I inserted a pair of angular bone-
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de maiginoi)lastie palp6brale. Ibid., 1890, x, 161. .
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desire to collect it, since, whatever the physical injury of such practices, it is
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fered a great deal of pain in the region of the fracture. I as-
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down from the courthouse. On this site stood one of the first Protestant churches of the
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ton M. & S. J., 18OT, cxl, 273-275. . An unusual per-
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ing, cramps, and collapse, and the symptoms of true cholera
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tion, or diarrhea. The pain can be avcpided, he thinks, by the use of
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flstide branchiale tbyro-hyoidienne guerie par I'^lectro-
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the contents of tiio bowel could freely CHC'a|ie. Tlic patient
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typhoid fever. Eep. Bd. Health Wisconsin 1888, Madi-
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K-DUR tablets contain micro-crystalloids which disperse upon disintegration of the tablet. These
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experimental evidence to the effect that in inoculated monkeys
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such stunting evolutions occur entirely among cadets who are un-
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spongy bone is said to be sometimes a good deal hypertrophied, so
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pain referred to one kidney. Tenderness on palpation in the region of
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ini Align und dereu operative Beliaudluiisi. Verbamll.d.
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ble a proper posture, exaggerating the same during gym-
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soreness have entirely disappeared, which they do by the
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elementary gases are equal, excepting those of phosphorus and
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years previous to June 20, 1S79 ; amending the same law
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sirable to eliminate from the statistics all those cases
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ity if we know the actual humidity or the dew-point or vice versa.