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lipoma simulating ranula, are sufBcient to justify the diagnosis;
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verized alum with the plumbago, about 1 teaspoonful to 1
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gold is vested in the London Missionary Society. There are five
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opii may be given in large quantities with ether, chloroform, and
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Extensor carpi ulnaris and flexor carpi ulnaris (musculospiral and ulnar).
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On the second day after the operation the man had had
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can be transmitted from one person to another by mosquito
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ispute has arisen respecting the length of time during which redness of the
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Drs. Adamson and Renton^ report two cases of ruptured gastric
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weaken the sources of infection, all are interested, since all are
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treated for falling of the womb with the pessary. Eighteen
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classification of the American Dermatological Association which has been
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neck and head, with a small pad projecting on the affected side, which
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the anterior pyramidal tracts in the usual situation. Under such con-
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cases have not come under the observation of the surgeon imtil some
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intestines, glands, and meninges, in childhood and adolescence the bones
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memoir of Hon. Hy. Cavendish, (evidently prepared from Wilson's
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Case 9. — (Purdie, London, 1880.*) Severe sciatica of several months' standing in a
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Will such a statement of opinion have its just and proper
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4. The view has recently been gaining ground that scurvy is the result
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eyes. The mamma' were round and hard, but apparently consisted of
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p. 1373). Successful inoculation into rabbits of a filtrable virus has
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tation and learning, decided that he was insane : he was not
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distinctlv reminiscent of thyroid structure, but they do not enclose a
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Aftsigned to duty at Camp Apache, A. T. S. O. 66, Dc
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died of influenza and pneumonia during the last four months of the year.
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