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• Cannabis S&tiYa, — Hemp. This is an ingredient in the ointment

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eration ago or a little bit more, it was suggested by some

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astonished as grieved at any evidences of antagonism or ill-will,

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of the gray matter of the cord are implicated. The difficulty in walking is

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means— the milder, if sufficient, the better— such as tickling the throat

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any other regimen, or by any other remedial agents. Therefore it will be sufficient

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the vagina and the rectum, filling in the space between these two organs

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suddenly, while riding in a wagon. The first symptom

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' Case shown at the meeting of the New England Ophthalniological

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loop near its commencement; the csecum is small and con-

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where there was soiling of the pelvis and where both tubes had

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The President i<\' the American Gym logical Society has a|>

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divided into four stages : 1, the sttige of invasion ; 2, the stage of intense

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probably 8 cc. or 10 cc. The left side of the heart contained

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four yokes ; add sugar to your palate ; with a little grated nug-

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Sulphate of Copper (Blue Vitriol). — Take a piece about the

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Dr. Melius said that he was coming more and more to the

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‘ ‘graduated’ ’ based upon psychometric evaluation, the child

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us a disease of peculiar character, distinct jfortable before death occurred. Such was

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were 11 deaths per 1,000 ; in 1885 there were 72, and in

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I should fail to state the whole truth, however, if I did not add the

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about three drachms of a reddish serosity slowly flowed off. Neither

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support is inserted that will retain the uterus in its proper

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Germany, effect of the war on the younger generation

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As already noted, the surgeons of the eighteenth cent-

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cells which came originally from the stomach lesion. Garret, a pupil

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ing in the use of the favorite drug is no sign of a permanent cure. He

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the uterus congested, or the neighbouring organs intrenched upon ;

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is diluted. This is attained by giving the drug with water on an empty

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blood serum, but, as it is difficult to obtain the blood, egg albumen or

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tutions, the author's acknowledgments are hereby extended for courteous atten-

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