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in all cases, except where general debility or serious complications make

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possessing a histamine action. The posterior lobe yields more. The author

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have come to the conclusion that it is caused by the formation of fibrin

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this disease in Germany forms the subject of papers by numerous writers

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a further part of his investigation he shows that, grown upon normal

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sure of 165 mm. or over. In addition, systolic pressures as high as

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In all were observed many livid blotches over the whole

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been a little prig if she had been the sort of a child that never dis-

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occupied by a great number of small and irregularly arranged necrotic

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clinically resembling one of Recklinghausen's neurofibromatosis.

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which time 2000 to 3000 have received the prophylactic treat-

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there was an associated pyelitis, in one case due to the colon, in

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plus 585 so-called "simple goitres" or a total of 1793 thyroids, but

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the most part they escape death in an anginal paroxysm. In

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On the first admission to the hospital the patient was suffering from chronic

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filled with a fluid of a pale yellow colour, and of about the con-

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or shorter time from palpitation, dyspnea, pain in the precordial

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from a subculture of the original strain, a colony which was very sensitive

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a way as to insure rapid and thorough mixture of its contents. A

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influenza bacillus), were present. In a few cases these embolic

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route is subcutaneous and the authors see no good reason to adopt the more

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the neck. He likewise complained some of a distressed feel-

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ectasis of Laurent and Guerin, in all of which the Wassermann

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Jaundice has been seen a number of times, in 1() per cent, of the

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studies on the nature of biological specificity, 15

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in some text-books, the occurrence of acute tuberculosis in typhoid fever is

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well. This usually takes place in from four to five weeks. At

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which were lymphocytes. There was much dyspnoea probably owing to