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filled the bladder. It was composed chiefly of lime salts

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Urine 5iij, at 2 A. M. Has had a comfortable night; but has slept only be-

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the gulf and over the high ridges of Castellamare and Sorrento ; and the S.

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and Krause 1 " found that the administration of thyroid gland affected

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tongue, or in which other conditions of systemic derangement existed for

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sideration from the general practitioner which it deserves. The

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spirits, some by wine, and some by malt liquors. Of the different varieties

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one of the articulations of the carpus, more particularly to that

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sive straps, and the arm was placed on an angular splint.

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was opened and the cavity washed out and tho man seemed to

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fact that women, particularly very young women, are likely

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fusely, or who suffers a great evaporation firom his skin from fever, or

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agreed that the glands were involved late in the dis-

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I shall now proceed briefly to examine the ten cases which Dr. Chamber-

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observable change in its appearance, there seems to be good ground

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suggested by the addition of severe neuralgic pain, and con-

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sacrum, beginning at the second vertebra and reaching the anus. The soft

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refer to the original. They contain nothing of unusual interest.

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portion showing improvement in V. than Dr. Bull's, not

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later. T. S. Westcott, M.D., 115 West Chestnut St., Par-

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and mortality have been seen in the summer. Susceptibility is very

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opment of sample consent forms and guidelines for adapting