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The course of the disease is marked by alternate ameliorations and aggrava-
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in Neurology and Psychiatry whom American neurologists found of
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The resignation of Dr. L. Macfarland, on account of inability
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which time he has devoted his years chiefly to his duties at various
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cular bulb, subjacent to the line of the growing cartilage,
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Treatment. — The question as to the expediency of extracting
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FORT NEW \M a TERX>A^l .vjwfiSflgl NEW YORK 1 r ) 1
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or strength, although there appeared to be some wasting of the
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sodium chlorid, lately highly recommended, has likewise failed to prove
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must put compression on the wound, and suture it if
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vantage ^ indeed, he did for a time pureue his engineering
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The gravity of these wounds is especially due to both
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Dr, Thomas married Miss Mary Wiilard, a granddaughter
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Charlotte L. Chapin, and one child was born to them, Robert A. Gib-
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the morbid craving for drugs on the part of the public which
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Dr. C. A. Beldin of Jamaica, L.I., was a welcome guest of
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ever, we are not yet inclined to accept the designation of acute articular rheu-
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to be routed ; and he could not agree with the confining of the
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but also sufficient to support a weight of about twenty kilograms
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medicine, or any artificial food that we have tried ; and these
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The ancestral line runs back to the first century of Eng-
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he is a communicant of the Brick Presbyterian Church.