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from the sciatic notch, is also a genuine, pure neuralgia, PracticdUy,
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cessful operation, when justifiably performed and truth-
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more or less fever through the day-time, and sweating
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(i.) The chest must be kept well filled with air a very difficult habit
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• this cleansing they should be sterilized by boiling, or in a closed sterilizer with
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138. AlcoItoL — Drunkenness is by no means infrequent in certain
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In other words, this substance was the peroxide of the radical, (C e H 5 ) 3 C.
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hard tubercles, on the face principally. When very hard and
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their labours. The importance and value of the enforcement
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7. — The first symptom in the patient, a male Russian of
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significance. The data was limited by small numbers,
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processes of the temporal and malar bones are enlarged. Also the
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fumigation, another should seek to destroy the natural breeding places,
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altered in its physical properties that it adheres by its own
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"In employing a disinfectant," Dr. Bemays writes, "it should be borne in
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with sorrow and shamefacedness we hang our heads; nay,
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that the average per-visit charge for care provided in
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Davidson, Arthur J., 200 S. 12th St., Philadelphia.
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full-time children). He concludes that with the exception of fixed
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would otherwise have had to be deferred, the period during
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hiiiL's and ecchymosis of the pleura were frequently met with by
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be due to a using up of the proteid. The metabolism of the pro-
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Lowe.— On March 17, at St. Mark's, Lincoln, the wife of Dr. G. M. Lowe,