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Case I. Carcinoma of the Pylorus; Resection; Gastro-

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all particulars as to age, etc., of patients. He would,

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colored with phloxin red or benzopurpurin, polar bodies are observed

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good as that old specific remedy'. General medicine, however,

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paper to women, but as we have no women with exalted ideas,

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servation. The tumor had been found at operation to

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period of danger in an infected house or district. The

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oolor of the mucous membrane ; we find both of these appearances in

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among the French. My first knowledge of it was derived from a country

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If the first incision should not suffice, another should be

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very great. This is not only evident to the eye, but

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theobromin with sodium acetate is now produced, and under the

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Treatment, Give chloral by stomach or rectum ; amyle nitrite

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vault are deeply injected and may reveal a punctiform efflo-

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thoughtful papers ; friends for words of encouragement ; sub-

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The lungs, as would be anticipated, suffer in almost every case

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.tism in the belief that th(» disease was due to some

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Dr. Kiefer (closing discussion) — Mr. President: In regard to the

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scribed by V. Bechterew, although it seems that either

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ties, Affirmative Action Compliance, Accessibility to Per-

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as the little finger and in clusters attached to the upper surface of

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ing of diseases of the eye, while, said he, all humanity

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you may assure your patient that it will in a short time disappear,

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dicating the necessity for paracentesis, but in neither

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Dr. D. C. Moriarta read a well-prepared paper on "A Case of

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Located in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, near shore and

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that he was a subject well-disposed to insane thieving or incen-

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profession. Regarding the knots as expressive of diffi-

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every two hours, keeping the child under its influence for some days. In cues

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solutely aseptic can be obtained, and are furnished by

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by Crandall, containing a summary of the recent contributions

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which he had never seen so strikingly displayed in any other

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ous parts of the world, by the excellent Count de Strzelecki,

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disturbed in their action, and are, therefore, unsuited for

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The delirium is not constant and may not extend over twenty-four

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alter behavior. Both programs have achieved local, re-