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tion. This test would be of far more value if all color-blind indi-
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cockle bur from its native bush and put it into her mouth. As she hastened on
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1826, first drew special attention to it, and named
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August 1877, an outbreak of equine variola in Montreal in
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the plausibility of the theory. Its truth was never questioned, but
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valerian, and other of the so-called antispasmodics ; iodine, quinia, the
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of causes likely to give rise to spinal trouble. These
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tions which had been diagnosticated as diphtheria He
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comfortable. Advice given at his office in the same
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and headache when he attempts to stoop ; he has also dropsy ; and from all these
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senses, and thus impart the especial sensations of seeing, hearing,
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injury to a nerve. Burning sensations were formerly much
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muscles^ though patient complains of fatigue after slight exertion.
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the cover glass and the excavation of the slide. From the opposite
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and glycerine, rubbed into the skin, and has arrived
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little dillance from the falciform procefs; and this duplicature
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wet eucalyptus dressing, as above described. Although the spray was not used
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(6th) edition, revised and enlarged. In one octavo volume of 1313
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of patients satisfactory results could not be obtained. This was either
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allied structnres by the injection and application of bromine * 254