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ular rheumatism and its complications, but acquire valvular disease of

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self In two or three years she was able to enter the

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painful to the touch. The first applications calmed the pains,

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louder. The pulse was always collapsing, and the trac-

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intestinal tract. Vomiting is supposed to be the occa-

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the increase of the causes of nervous irritation and depression,

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senting, not fixed in the brim ; Ba,ck to the right ; breech in the

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statistics of other forms of sarcomata prove that they are

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must make a short but forcible contraction of the abdominal walls.

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for about one year previously. In the month previous

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these pages. And yet, in direct contravention of his own opinions;

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the same number and overlap Dickinson's series very little; in my

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hydrogen in the bowel. Indeed, it improves the appetite and regulates the

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was performed ; the acupressure needles were applied after considerable

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the lumbar region is often an annoying symptom even early in the disease.

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resounding phrases, a common practice, indeed, in all

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rected to resolve the infected area, as the surest way to reach and destroy

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Along the director a rubber catheter was passed into the bladder, and a quantity of clear

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direct that greater power. Such men virtually say, You shall

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allied structnres by the injection and application of bromine * 254

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Porce. Lime Phosphate, an agent of cell Development and Nutrition: Soda Phosphate, an excitant of functional

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very bilious, and must be treated accordingly. . . . physic,

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the punctate opening which would have called atten-

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I term it "biological." The fourth division contains on 34 pages

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The influence of the various groups of climates is next considered; and from

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them : " Is Diagnosis a Pre-requisite to Treatment," by Dr. Suther-

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by Dr. Wilder on " The Heart as a Basis of Intrinsic

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particularly the careful study of the anatomic features and

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and that it would be inexpedient to present too many rival

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tionable diagnosis, but when we must stand shoulder to

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testinal discomfort. But this intestinal implantation is a small

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to interpret the results obtained. These authors believe that in

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expected to gain confidence — of why it has gained no confidence.

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front, struggling against long established prejudices and slothful-

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History, Causes, Various Forms, and Treatment. By O'B.

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for five days with KCN ^J^,. Three colonies. V. P. shows piece of

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the Pacific Record of Medicine and Surgery, under the title of

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