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detected, and the percussion area of cardiac dulness little

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Ergot in the Prevention and Treatment of After-Pains. — Many

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even to subnormal, and signs of severe shock. There is cyanosis, the

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P. S. CONNER, M.D., Prof, of Anatomy and Clin. Surgery in Medical College of Ohio.

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Ausculation: Constant presence of moist rales. Rales

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is a short chapter-summary of Carrel-Dakin technic among

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considerable improvement of the means of treatment applicable to stricture.

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The law bearing upon the admission of cases of incipient or uncerti-

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the book is written is described by nearly all the authorities

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lacking, as it does, the extensive discussion of principles ;

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with perspirations, rapid pulse and the like. In other cases the skin is

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whenever cases of the pernicious variety are known to have occurred, of re-

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Gonorrli(pal arthritis lias, as a rule, the character of a sim-

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The epitrochlear glands, the chain along the sterno-mastoid, and the

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in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Though

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best mode of testing for uric acid, which has resulted in his

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performed. Gangrene then began in the left leg, and the patient died two weeks

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H. Scudder, S.B., at the Museum, every Thursday, at 3, P.M., beginning March 26.

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this true as regards the emotions. The most unexpected

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of it. The advance sheets of a new edition of his larger work — The

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has seemed to me that a summary of the present news

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aware tliat Dr. Sayre has ever stated publicly that the

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ticularly, of the individual constitution, is rarely

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of cerebrine by one of us (Kingdon) ; both, however, with negative results.

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us in a bulky octavo, which is entitled to as ample a notice '

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work of self-support, and thereby contribute its surplus power

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Pensioner B. Ballet wound, 13th October, 1915; depression pulsating; graft

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present, the causes of disease are almost wholly supersensual to

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peratures, 104° to 105° F., and profuse sweats. The

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Mr. Kell on the Appearance of Cholera in Sunderland. 321

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ing the parts free from the vicissitudes of the atmosphere,

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pend judgment until this evidence is either contirmed

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saw the development of the flagellum, and we only found