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mine that this injury is in one case the effect of by-gone disease,

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1897 Lamplough, Charles, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

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ference shall be divided lietween the Ottoman Government and the

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cially when we have reason to mistrust the caustic effect of

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be due to a using up of the proteid. The metabolism of the pro-

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jecting through the vein till blood colored by injection comes

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« "O more important branch th/ ?, '" '"^'o^^tigation there

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Cardiac disease, basal metabolism and the minute-volume of the respira-

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In this state of the disease I performed the section of the

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a close attention to the symptoms preceding and the appearances after death

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sense, objects appearing colored red, blue or otherwise.

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general. Among local causes may be mentioned the following:

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cathartic, and operates with considerable certainty and

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The Kansas City Medical Journal. Dec, 1874, Feb., 1875.

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with the cheek, the edge is slightly infiltrated, still

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The meeting adjourned following an executive session at

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another rises. Diphtheria presents a steadily declining range,

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and of urine as before. The grasp of the right hand was

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stress was formerly laid upon the delusion being connected with the act in cases of

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close, and probably a bony, union had taken place under treatment by this

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This is a large sul\]ect and our only exact knowledge

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caution to have the diagnosis of the heart condition

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districts the rate was 0.73 per 1,000. This is proba-

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properly construct sanatoria for the army. It would be best

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other. A damage to the musculo spiral nerve in its groove may be

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When we do not encounter shock, collapse and hemor-

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complete reactions of degeneration are not present, although some modal

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tongue and orbicularis oris being affected together is that both are supplied

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Escherich, in conclusion, states his position as follows: " Since we have found con-