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and an account of them may be read in the Edi/nhurgh Monthly

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stomach, is much more common in women than in men may

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arise. Old landmarks will be thrown down; new ones will but

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requested to visit her, and that there was no intimation of

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supply the medical needs of the U.S. Chicago, University of

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absolute (26). Damage to the visual word-centre under such circumstances

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Dr. Stoerae called attention to the fact that notice

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Michel,^ Schalle,* Myles ■■ and Moure," I do not believe.

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labored action of the flank, complete loss of appetite, constipa-

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morphine and rest, warned me that too much reliance

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gical importance. Thus students of medicine who make dissec-

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New York City, on April 28, 1890, or as soon thereafter

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lagrins 173, 645 and 941, the mother had been a pellagrin for several

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character. In these two medicines, then, we have the first ingredients

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gift they were enabled to procure a sufficient number of monkeys

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lacking here, the fact that there was no rise in hemoglobin per cent

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the number of cases in which the bacillus vanishes in first-stage

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slruated at the age of thirteen, married at nineteen, miscarried

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immediate reduction, rcg.ardless of spasm, blebs, extravasation

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lie between these two groups. Our classification of

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For Biography, see Ciencia mod., Madrid, 1897. iv, 509

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In the fatal case death occurred 36 hours after opera-

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a muscular fibre, etc., or that, in generalising these studies, we have

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no range of expression which is not fairly referable, as a mere

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tried." 'V\'Tien there is insatiable thirst, he recommends a very weak infusion

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solution four hours afterwards ; it was unable to run straight,

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would contain little or no ammonia; if the diet were poor in fixed alkalies

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tions should be preceded by an injection of morphia

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medicine, we are apt to forget how much a recently-blistered sur-

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subject has the faintest idea of the extent to which he employs

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