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Clinical experiments and Veterinary visits outside the school are made

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there may be also a pronounced inhibition of the rest of the ideational life,

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efforts of the patient to relieve the pressure and to protect the painful nerve

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The practice of the Hospital may be entered upon at any time during

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any effort, which is due in part to his general lack of interest in his surround-

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Stft«s. If trivoHiir to a fmim efiumff f ttm ^U emm Vrn tmrmt csntttla^i or

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Jeffrey Bell;" Nicholson's "Manual of Zoology," Owen's "Compara-

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Definition and General ^Etiological Considerations. — If any cause produces

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Associate Ophthalmologists: Drs. Max Jacobson, Hallard Beard, Gail R. Soper.

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in any 4m t>efoJrne''esu%2J?ar 'Jf ^L"?^ Mghly-seasoned food or use tobacco

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Concentrated dairy products, known \n the industry as processed milks, are mil< or

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person, state in writing the reason for that refusal, and if that reason be that the

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able suggestions, so that in the milder cases it is sometimes advisable to make

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Brackenbury Scholarships in Medicine and Surgery: These are the

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Max Schneider, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine.

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multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, contracted kidney, etc.

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Dr. Agnes McLaren (M.D. Montpelier), 3, Walker-street, Edinburgh.

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WilHam Viner Beadle, M.D. St. Andrew's, Tewlceshury.

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who does not attend regularly, and conduct himself with propriety.

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ami -U :-.nicai Mucntlon." Deleted material involves exCt^n^ive use of

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elective work. Departmental examinations are given during the last quarter of the

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If left to himself, as is so often the case in large institutions, the patient tends

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1 and 2. Each quarter. Each section limited to 10. 24 hours. .2Mj.

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jny^.««ene$s of the dog should be cjmsldercd because this may tt= a -J^hot. a foot

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eases of the vertebrae, such as caries, carcinoma, and actinomycosis; diseases

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2. Exa/imnaiion of Senior Candidates : This also consists of three

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irritation, most frequently in the form of the so-called lightning-like, " lanci-

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following subjects: 1. Theoretico-practical examination in Clinical

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oase of Obstetric Medicine and one of Ophthalmic Surgery, and the

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disease, but there is often a gradual evolution of the mental state which has

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iteafc K Pay 3; TMi U 3 iiem 6f ft ^hour pwrfwrofw* project ifhich contlmies

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of from one to fourteen days. The infection may possibly be transmitted by a

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course they sometimes cannot be wholly and permanently avoided, even with

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cne unit of Instruction, or makes assignments for you to read In other

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7. Day 33 ; Txo tnstnictors «f« retired during these 2 Jmrs of

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None of them are lectured upon in summer with the exception of Dental Anatomy

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increased electrical and mechanical excitability of the nerves (facial phe-

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parathyroid gland has been given without much benefit. — K.]

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but that they will know the methods of analysis, and be able to