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them smaller than natural and healthy pupils generally
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simultaneously with their presentation to the board and be-
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gas and flatus, acidity, semi-invalid. Gastroptosis,
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cle, there mnst necessarily be established a certain electric equilibrium, which consists in the
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has declined the appointment of Surgeon of Vols., having received
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parts is that you give the parts behind the ligature a chance
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and work. The fact that the blood always contained a certain
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to an officer or person who rendersservices, and is paid by a fi xed
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patient becomes frightful. The contraction of the features and the opistho-
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devoted to this special purpose and which was termed the
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contents of the deceased amounted to eighty-eight grains, and that some part
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enteritis terminating in characteristic ulcer formation. A
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described ; and when examined with the microscope, are found to con-
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the practice of medicine, you must want to do it all the
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because, as is well known, its use does not remove the bacilli. It is perfectly possi-
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feet from him lay the lifeless remains of a Mexican laborer
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effects of the excessive use of tobacco, even in young persons.
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After taking postgraduate work in New York and abroad, he located in Min-
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from broncho-pneumonia there will be evidence of its having ex-
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eyes, and. pains in the body, particularly in the back. Albu-
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the limb we must esteem ourselves very fortunate in having ob-
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mucous membrane. The solitary and agminated follicles usually are swollen,
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resources left ? Mind you never allow anyone to com-
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ninety-five families in every hundred, in city and coun-
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in such a manner as not to invite disease are night-soil (urine and
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the Catskills. The fruit is of similar form and color to that
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sphygmograph. If, for example, each pulse-wave correspond to i of a second
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recovery. As regards treatment, the chief indication is to eliminate the
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The mare had. previous to the time of foaling, been
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adherent to the broad ligament. It was impossible to sep-
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Doses : H. 2-8. ; C. 5-15. ; D. 0.1-0.4. ; P. 0,3-0.8.
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for the preceding six years, or, perhaps, since the great flood of
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ature was above 103° F. and every four hours when below this