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spasm affecting in unequal proportion the muscles engaged in a conjugate
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A carrier of this disease may never have suffered from diphtheria.
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yet so far not more than two successful cases have been recorded.
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gastric, the hepatic and the splenic. Besides the first mentioned
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or occipital pain and varies in intensity from hour to hour while it
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Her general health was good, menstruation regular, and except for
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formeriy a conspicuous feature in the pathology of disease, and
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the same family; besides which, two others— in all
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apparatus the medical aspect of electricity is discussed.
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ing the H incision ; quickly the soft parts were divided and
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the cabinet. But the symptoms of discomfort and illness experienced
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sick with the disease. The solution was shaken and passed thtough a
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self examined him often, and so did several of my colleagues, yet, seated
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opment of the broad field of pneumatic chemistry, and pari passu with these, the in-
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phoma. He was a dean of a nearby college, with a PhD in
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doing any perceptible damage to the jaw. The hemorrhage was not
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for phosphatic concretions. Uretheral irrigation is favored
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ures for subduing the local process and reducing inflam-
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chief agent in maintaining the exercise of their functions. /
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Mr. Galton exhibited plates of finger-prints (magnified)