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July 4th, at 12.30, he had his first and only chill,

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Since ice cream is a food which is so largely used by children anc

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an abundant serous infiltration, which has taken place into the

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needed ; in convulsions or in hemorrhage labor should be

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although a vast literature on the subject has accumulated

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pigment disappears, but in this instance tlie rapid

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was very red, especially in the posterior region, and a raniiforni network of dis-

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■sions, will go on rapidly in proportion to the rapidity with which

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what is known as aphasia. Disturbance of allied functions and the a^ntrr?

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In those parts of the country where cold, malignant diseases have

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account of the events which have lately occurred, consider

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specific for epilepsy, nor even any certain method of cure; that on the con-

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should be appointed by the state, to hold office during life and good

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then the surface of the body becomes burning hot, and very

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5. Pajari R, Hekali P, Harjola P-T. Treatment of Takayasu’s

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Memphis, Tenn. ; " A Study Relative to the Functions of

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the liver, occurring in this way, were recognized very late, or not at alL

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sists in neurotomy. The nerves once traced on which

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of Vienna paste, so as to cause a permanent opening. Such practice can

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explained, and can fcarcely excite furprife : but the fame neglect

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of decomposition — and the gas passed has the same foul smell. A

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— The Virginia Aledical Setni-JMouthly, October 26,

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albumin may be detected in it, but albuminuria may be

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"Resolved, That the phrase ' medical college or institution in good stand-