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the Doctor was engaged at a midwifery case. Dr. Tofts

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so appointed- should be received as a finality and so end the medical

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his bad habits for a time), but he had relapsed and vision con-

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Course and Prognosis. — Patients suffering from achylia gastrica may

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Mechanism of Urinary Secretion." It contains nothing more than

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ceived by the Committee the taking of a hospital course

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so nasty itself that it will help to make the other ingre-

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13, per 1,000. The statistics for five years for typhoid

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cer, even though he has no " mount." The remedy for

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pital has sustained a great loss. Her career of usefulness

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Causes. Anything wliich tends to weaken the muscles which sup-

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Autopsy July 4, 1872, thirty-seven hours after death. The body is markedly emaci-

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apparent connection with each other; but the curious and

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tire length from any one apartment, at all seasons of the year, by the walls

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on its removal. Independently of these groHscr lenionH, it

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colonies. The sharpshooters snipe all officers, and

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264 cases were dismissed from Ludenschied in 1898. Of these

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and " primary sore " may be regarded as perfectly appropriate. The

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two for six years, and one for seventeen years. These

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later the stitches were removed, and the wound was healed. A plaster-of-

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plane surfaces, as in crystals ; the dendrites of minerals and

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taken daily when men are so situated as to render them liable tq scurvy,

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beneath them for greater security. The wound was then sutured with

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matters connected with the maintenance and management of

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runcular eruption made its appearance over every part of the body,

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this collateral circulation it requires about three months for ossification

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prominences on the surface of the mucous membrane, of very

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Millon, antimonj- accumulates in the brain in those fiital cases where the

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operation are the friability of the tumor, the great tendency

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that in their multiplication, as well as in their progress of

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taken with two strengths, namely, 1-75 N and 3-5 N solutions and the true

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breadth of my subject to suggest to you a long paper. I shall feel highly hon-

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This is a profuse discharge from the nose, having a peculiar

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with almost complete calcification of its wall. The cyst

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nearly all decayed, and many of them afflicted with in the maxillary bone, crowding of teeth for want of

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Doses : H. 2-8. ; C. 5-15. ; D. 0.1-0.4. ; P. 0,3-0.8.

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gist and Otologist to the Presbyterian Hospital; to the

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they had derived by inheritance from their parent's father