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from meat which caused poisoning at Haustedt in 1895. This was
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with perspirations, rapid pulse and the like. In other cases the skin is
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The blood may have been removed by washing from the blade of a knife or
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sition to the disease. InoculatioBS of the saliva of rabid animals, a!>
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Symptoms and Diagnosis. — In general, the ventricular rate \ma
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consulted. M'CoUom, whom we may regard as a representative
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as great as the limitations imposed upon him by the size of the book
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acknowledged branch of Paris manufacture. At the London Exhibition of
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Jig, and relaxation ; in severe cases it is transformed to a red pulpi
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leads so quickly to swimming in the head that the connection cannot be
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Case IX. Several attacks + chronic urethritis. . . 6
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M. Times, li^S4-5, xv, 409-414.— Fere (C.) fichimpsie et
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nine beats in the minute, and remained at that rate for five or six
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4. Does Stark II specifically exempt the financial rela-
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lated, and masses of omentum becoming adherent to the
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is the -total absence of secondary fever. The constitutional dis-
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tremely violent, and her pulse is still rising. Eespiration, too, has been
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pneo-pneic reflex is suppressed, while the pneo-cardiac
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to this estimate must bo made in the case of girls and women, since
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sometimes fibrinous ; sthenic and asthenic ; local examples . . 396 — 405
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ed in this way : The patient lies upon his back on a suitable couch
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age, and this was her first confinement. The labour was ex-
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Having devoted so much space to the consideration of M.
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but rather to aUay it. I used to give two or three grains with a quar-
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of the strongest nitric acid, containing much nitrous acid in a test-glass
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terms "the pharyngeal involvement in an uncomplicated scarlatina," and
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is slowly thrust into the stem so that it enters one side and comes out
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the tissues around get thickened and indurated, and the matter becomes
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he has not a fixed hour, then he takes his turn. The method is as
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and the other giving an internal polished facing to the dura
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The President gave a summary both of the contents of
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altruism, ethical principles, and mysticism and, on the
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Ferro-Glidine is a close organic combination of iron with
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