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of a lateral ventral mass, attached to the auditory nerve, which is thus far not

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Soda is also said speedily to relieve the pain in these

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that the circulation of the blood through the heart

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these remedies may be employed with reference to others, a

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though there were grains of sand under the eyelids.

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Dr. Chalmers, in reply, said it had been pointed out to him, in a friendly

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1890 Clark, Caleb Wakefield Melrose Highlands June 13, 1914 60

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lent in the high districts of South Africa. South African

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picious nodules in its interior. The mesenteric glands

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the region of stasis with compensatory hypertrophy elsewhere. When

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treatment still more slowly, when they may disappear; but, if they do

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large granules, or more probably little vesicles, showing a slight

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one in which the eruption resembled that of measles, the other in which it

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continually in spasm, but there was no definite muscular atrophy. He was

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value of the practice. In the Kentucky e})idemic of 1852, the " abortive

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exhibition of useless drugs. He believes in white meat,

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filling of the viscus frequently, will stimulate the

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" In its earlier periods, and sometimes through all its course, the disease

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more grave disease is never injurious, even granted that

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keep thon's skin or nails clean in any other way ?*

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blood corpuscles which they contrive to enter (Fig.

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intentionally, to make them look better at table. For a long

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principally the constitution of the cellular protoplasm

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pain, and there is no blunting of sensation. There may, however, be a

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oreat deal of caution in the selection of cases for its employ-