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demonstrations upon it to the pupils, when a great number of scientific and
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porations, where the constitution of the association confers powers not
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Too often the surgeon waits for the flame to show itself,
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dizziness of the head; throat dry and husky. Patient is under the narcotic
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trious benefactors of medical and chirurgical science,—" men who have
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the veins are as yet incomplete, it would be wrong to conclude that this
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where no obliteration is desired, and four to eight minutes if
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pains. The patient is stout and muscular— of short stature — and of intem-
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a hard, painful swelling, of the size of an almond, developed itself about
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increased. By an accident, he was forced to stay at a
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of the heart, and a bellows-sound. The ofier-death examination of Eliza
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operation where silk sutures were used (Fig. 3), this being
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erysipelas can with difficulty be distinguished in its early stage. In roseola,
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mation of the lower lobe of the right lung at 22, but otherwise
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In my personal experience it is quite the exception
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are predisposing factors to cholelithiasis. They do not em-
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car furnishes seclusion and comparative comfort, with-
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are enforced. Frequent showers, even at the expense of muddy
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neglect was willful and felonious. The charge as a whole,
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Association of Collegiate Alumne and others. Nervous stimuli
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tually drag the kidney from its normal position and
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struments, again became familiar with words by practicing
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American Climatologlcal Association, Niagara Falls, N. Y., May
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Bulletin de la Societe des Hopltaux de Paris, February 7.
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occur in connection with puberty, the menopause, etc.; also
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other situations. A case had been in the hospital in which the knee-joint
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19 *Ionizatlon In Its Physiological and Pathological Relations.